Steps to Take Now for an Easy Pool Opening

While the weather outside may still be frigid, spring is on the horizon—which means that before long, it will be time to start thinking about opening your swimming pool. Pool openings can be time consuming, but the good news is that there are steps you can take now in order to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

At Aqua Pool, we recommend the following steps for a quicker pool opening:

  • Pump water off the cover. As water and debris accumulate, they will weigh down the pool cover, increasing the risk of the cover caving in and dumping the debris into the pool—which will make cleanup in the spring more difficult. To avoid this, be sure to pump excess water off your pool cover throughout the winter (when possible of course – when reading this it is likely your pool is frozen and at that time there is very little one can do).
  • Net out as much debris as possible, when weather (and ice!) allows. By periodically checking your pool and removing debris that has fallen in, you can reduce the amount you’ll have to clean out in the spring.
  • Consider turning on the filter before you even take off the cover. This enables the filter to begin cleaning the water, while also giving you time to ensure that the equipment is working properly and rectify any problems well in advance of swimming season.
  • Open earlier. While many people wait to open their pools until it is warm enough to swim, we recommend opening once the daytime temperatures in your area start consistently reaching 70 degrees. If the pool is still covered when temperatures start exceeding 70, algae may begin to grow rampantly—which will require more extensive cleaning before the water is safe for swimming. On the other hand, colder water harbors less bacteria and is easier to filter.
  • If you will not open the pool until “later” in the spring (after Memorial Day. Etc.), consider adding approximately 1-2 gallons of liquid chlorine. This will slow down the growth (not eliminate) of algae and other bacteria that cause green and cloudy water.

As you begin planning to open your pool this spring, the team at Aqua Pool is here to help ease the process. Our PHTA (Pool and Hot Tub Alliance)-trained maintenance professionals—many of whom are licensed in the state of Connecticut—will take all the necessary steps as warmer weather approaches. When opening time arrives, we will remove your pool’s cover, chemically treat the water, and check the function of all aspects of the filtration system. Our pool opening services are very popular, so we encourage you to get in touch with us today by calling 860-623-9886!