Summer Backyard Preparations

Getting your backyard into order is the first step in having a great season. Whether you like to host friends or relax with family, putting in a bit of hard work now is key to enjoying a well-cared for and polished environment this summer.

We recommend a few pivotal tasks for preparing your yard, garden, patio, and pool areas including:

  1. Gardening
    Tending to your garden beds and plants now will ensure thriving greenery to enjoy for all. Create an intentional plan for what plants and flowers are best suited for your property and act accordingly. Weeding and preparing your beds with new soil can create a solid base for future growth.
  2. Lawn Care
    Large properties require regular upkeep but they also may need a few extra days of TLC. Now is a good time to weed, water, re-plant, and overhaul your yard to make sure it looks well-cared for.
  3. Patio Perfect
    As the natural gathering place, your patio needs preparation in advance of hosting duties. Examine your decking or patio material to ensure that no replacements or repairs are needed. Then wash your furniture with light, soapy water and a brush . You may even want to shop for new pillows to spruce up and bring color into your outdoor environment.
  4. Pool Care
    One of the most important preparations is your pool. When preparing your backyard environment, you’ll need to properly open your pool for a safe and enjoyable swim season.