Swimming Pools vs. RVs: Which is the Better Investment?

If you are a homeowner seeking to invest in an asset that will provide an ongoing source of relaxation and enhance your family’s enjoyment of leisure time, some of the main options you might consider include swimming pools and recreational vehicles (RVs). While the two clearly offer different pros and cons that will vary depending on your particular needs and goals, several factors indicate that in most cases, swimming pools will deliver greater satisfaction—and a stronger return on investment—in the long run. Here are a few reasons why pools are better than RVs:

  • Cost and maintenance. As with most other major purchases, the upfront costs of building a pool or purchasing an RV can vary significantly based on the quality of the product, custom features, and countless other factors. But in general, the price of a reasonably high-quality pool and RV are similar, ranging from about $50,000 to $100,000 or more. However, the costs associated with using and maintaining an RV over the long term tend to be much higher than owning a pool. After all, an RV is essentially a house and a vehicle combined—which means that you’ll need to maintain items like the engine, tires, axles, and exterior paint, as well as the interior fixtures, electrical, plumbing, and much more. When any of these elements break, they can be quite expensive to repair. In addition, when you take your RV on the road, you’ll have to pay a fee at each campsite that you visit. On the other hand, a well-built backyard pool—such as a custom gunite pool—will deliver years of worry-free enjoyment. While a pool will need to be cleaned regularly and occasionally repaired, there are far fewer elements to worry about than with an RV.
  • Ease of use. If you’re thinking about spending a significant amount of money on a leisure item, you will probably want to ensure that your family can enjoy it as much as possible. While vacations in an RV can be exciting adventures, relaxing in your own backyard pool is far more convenient and conducive to regular use. Taking an RV trip requires a greater time commitment (usually at least a couple of days), as well as the need to pack supplies, find suitable camping grounds at your destination of choice, and set up your campsite whenever you reach a new location. With a backyard pool, on the other hand, you can simply step outside and enjoy a mini-getaway whenever you’d like.
  • Resale value. Like most other vehicles, RVs generally begin depreciating in value as soon as you drive them off the lot. On the contrary, backyard pools will generally enhance the value of your property: according to real estate experts, an inground pool can potentially add 5-8 percent to your home’s resale value. Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, it’s worthwhile to consider the positive impact that a pool could have on your overall nest egg when compared to an RV.

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