Testing your pool water at regular intervals is the best way to know exactly what your pool water needs. It can be a complicated process to set-up and figure out the necessary maintenance routines for your swimming pool and one of the best ways to make sure your new pool’s water is up to the safest and most optimum conditions possible is by having your water professionally tested.

When you have your pool water tested, typically the professionals look at two basic levels:

  • pH

The pH of your pool can fluctuate by season but the optimal range is typically between 7.2 and 7.6. If your pH falls outside either end of this spectrum, a pH  increase or decrease needs to be added to your pool to achieve balance. 

  • Chlorine

Chlorine is used as a sanitizer to oxidize organic matter in your pool. Through this oxidation, the chlorine gets used up, therefore additional chlorine must continually be added to maintain the proper levels necessary to continue performing to oxidize new organic matter. The best way to determine the amount to add is through testing. Typically the ideal range for free chlorine in a swimming pools is between 1.5 and 3 parts per million.

At Aqua Pool, we want to showcase our dedication to you by offering free water testing and technical advice. Let us help lengthen the life of your pool equipment and ensure that your pool chemicals are doing their job properly so you can enjoy backyard swimming in optimal water conditions: