The Benefits of an In-Floor Pool Cleaning System

Maintaining proper circulation in your pool is an essential way to ensure cleanliness by removing debris and balancing the water chemistry. Traditionally, most pools have been designed so that the water circulates through standard inlets near the surface. This can lead to poor circulation in some areas, which promotes algae growth and may cause chemicals and heat to concentrate near the pool’s surface. Fortunately, innovative new cleaning systems—such as the EcoPool™ In-Floor Circulation System from Paramount Pools—offer a more effective and efficient way to optimize circulation in your pool.

EcoPool features several hydraulically engineered circulation nozzles that are placed in the floor of the pool. When the pump is activated, the nozzles pop up and release a stream of freshly filtered water across the pool floor, thereby promoting circulation and ushering debris towards the main drain and other areas where it can be easily cleaned. The nozzles rotate 360 degrees, ensuring that fresh water is evenly circulated to all areas of the pool. These nozzles will not create any interference with your use of the pool or its aesthetic appeal—when the pump is not operating, they simply retract so that they’re flush with the pool floor and virtually invisible.

Here are a few benefits of having an in-floor cleaning system like EcoPool:

  • The system eliminates poorly circulated areas where algae and debris can accumulate, resulting in cleaner, healthier water. The in-floor nozzles sweep debris towards small areas of the pool, which makes brushing and vacuuming easier.
  • Since EcoPool was designed to harness the natural process of rising heat by circulating water from the pool floor, it optimizes solar heat and allows warmth to be more evenly dispersed. This minimizes cold spots, conserves energy used on heating (thus making it more eco-friendly than traditional circulation methods), and may even extend the swimming season.
  • By circulating pool chemicals more effectively, EcoPool minimizes the amount lost due to evaporation. In fact, in-floor pool circulation systems have been independently certified to save up to 30 percent on chemicals and energy over the life of your pool.
  • With nozzles available in six different colors and varying configurations, EcoPool can be easily customized for different pool sizes and styles. The system can also be paired with robotic cleaners.

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