The Benefits of Having a Spa Attached to Your Pool

Relaxing in a spa offers a variety of benefits for physical and mental health. The warm, circulating water promotes stress relief, alleviates sore muscles, can help you sleep better, and may even ease the symptoms of painful conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. If you’d like to harness these benefits by adding a spa to your backyard, one of the biggest decisions you will face is whether to opt for a standalone hot tub or a spa that is attached to your pool.

Whether you are building a new pool or already have one, adding an attached spa is generally easier and more cost-effective than a freestanding hot tub. Here are a few benefits of having a spa that is attached to your pool:

  • Attached spas have a more seamless appearance. Your pool area likely serves as the focal point of your backyard, so the aesthetics of your pool and spa are a main consideration. When you attach a spa to your pool, you have the option of adding features that beautifully connect the two, such as the same tiles or a spillover effect by which the water in the spa flows into the pool through a waterfall.
  • Attached spas can connect to your pool’s water supply, pumps, filters, and heating system. This helps to streamline maintenance and energy consumption, thereby saving money in the long-run.
  • Attached spas save time and money during the construction process. If you are building a new pool and choose to add an attached spa, it avoids the need for extra equipment and can simplify the design process.

At Aqua Pool & Patio, we specialize in premium-quality gunite pools that are handcrafted to suit your vision. Since gunite pools are custom-made, there are virtually unlimited possibilities for adding features like attached spas. If you are considering enhancing your backyard with a touch of luxury like a spa, we will work with you to create the right design for your property, needs, and budget. Learn more about our pool construction process, or call us today at (860) 623-9886 to get started!