The Best Winter Pool Gear

Unfortunately, it’s not all year-round sunshine and swim season in New England. This means that your pool fun has to temporarily pause. While doing so, we wanted to take a moment to discuss gear that can help protect your pool during the harsh winter months.

While winterizing is essential, there’s more to it than just selecting a good pool cover. In fact, here are a few key equipment items you should have on hand to tend to your pool during the snowy period of the year:

  • A Snow Broom
    Since snow, especially a lot of it at once, is fairly heavy, it can weigh down your pool cover. A snow broom is a specially designed long-handled broom sold at specialty shops to help you push snow off the surface of your pool cover. Note that most snow brooms are made out of rubber to prevent tearing or damage to your pool cover.
  • Leaf Catcher
    Leaf catchers are lightweight nets that fit snugly over your pool’s winter cover to capture leaves and debris. They are handy tools that make it easy to dump off any organic materials as they accumulate.
  • Safety Cover Patch Kit
    A safety cover patch kit is just what it sounds like, a kit that helps you mend a torn or damaged pool cover.
  • Winter Chemical Kit
    Winter chemical kits are a handy collection of chemicals that can prevent your pool from staining or growing algae while you wait around for the next swimming season.

At Aqua Pool, we can’t wait for the next swim session but in the meantime, taking care of your pool investment is the best thing you can do.