The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Pool Builds

At Aqua Pool, we do create more than just residential pools. In fact, our team of experts excels at creating a range of commercial swimming projects. From competitive swimming pools to condo or apartment complexes, hotels and resorts to public swimming locations, we have years of experience in making these unique environments beautiful and enjoyable for all stakeholders involved.

Several of the biggest differences that occur when building a commercial pool project as opposed to a residential pool build are as follows:

Since private backyard pools are used less than public swimming pools, a pool design needs to consider this higher use load. It is important to create a structure – whether concrete, fiberglass, gunite, or other that is adept at containing water with little water loss and is large enough to support a range of activities.

Water Treatment
Swimmers add a certain tax to maintaining water health. Most often this includes organic matter like sweat, skin, urea, lotions and more that make their way into a pool via swimmers and can forge the potential for recreational water illness if not treated correctly. Commercial swim projects require excellent filtration systems and chemical treatments to maintain water health and control pathogens to support a healthy and sanitary pool environment.

Comprehensive Planning
The level of detail and information for residential pool drawings is vastly different than the specifications necessary for commercial building. The review and permitting process in a commercial environment is much more complex. Our team is adept at handling this rigorous project and working with multiple parties for create a seamless project.

Higher Costs
Commercial pool construction requires a higher cost per square foot than that of the residential pool market. This is usually due to hydraulic design materials as well as supporting equipment in addition to building a deeper, larger pool.

One of our most recent projects is the Thames Aquatic Club and we are thrilled with the results. If you have commercial pool needs or are curious to know more, we’re here to help.