The Top 3 Advantages of Gunite Pools

When building a pool for your property, one of the first steps is choosing between the three main types of pool construction materials: fiberglass, vinyl liner, and gunite, which is created by spraying cement onto the pool’s steel rebar skeleton. Regardless of your budget, how much space you have available, or the special features that you want to add to your pool, there are many reasons why gunite is the best choice. Here are the top three advantages of gunite pools:

  1. Gunite is the most durable, structurally sound, and longest-lasting type of pool material available. Fiberglass pools have an average lifespan of 25 years, while vinyl pool liners generally must be replaced every six to twelve years. In contrast, properly constructed gunite pools should last for 100 years or more—making them effectively permanent. Due to how they are built, gunite pools have what engineers refer to as “tensile” strength. This means that they will flex with the movement of the earth and remain in sound condition, even when faced with frigid New England winters and other extremes of nature. Due to their long-lasting durability, gunite pools will save you money in the long run and ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your new investment for years to come, without needing to worry about repairing or replacing it.
  2. Gunite pools have a naturally beautiful appearance. A pool is more than just a place to cool off on a hot day—it also serves as a focal point in your yard around which you can gather at all times of the year. Therefore, aesthetic appeal is a key consideration when designing your pool. At Aqua Pool & Patio, we refer to gunite pools as “yard art” due to their naturally beautiful appearance!
  3. Gunite pools are highly customizable. Since they are hand-built onsite, gunite pools can be customized to suit any size, shape, or style—making them a great option for any property. From small, square shapes to expansive, freeform resort-style pools, gunite can bring the pool of your dreams to life, while respecting your budget and space limitations. It is also easy to add your desired features to a gunite pool, such as waterfalls, attached spas, seating areas, and more.

Due to their many benefits, gunite pools are the option of choice at luxury hotels and fine homes around the world. At Aqua Pool, we have more than 50 years of continuous experience designing and building premium-quality gunite pools to suit various needs and styles. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to schedule a consultation!