The Top Advantages of a Self-Cleaning Pool

Having your own backyard swimming pool provides endless opportunities for relaxation, exercise, and fun with family and friends—but many homeowners worry about the amount of work required to keep the pool clean and sanitary. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize your maintenance burden while optimizing your pool’s cleanliness: installing a self-cleaning pool system.

What is a self-cleaning pool system?

Sometimes referred to as in-floor pool cleaning systems, self-cleaning pools are designed to keep the water moving in order to inhibit the growth of algae and distribute chemicals evenly throughout the pool. Built directly into the pool shell, the system has automated, synchronized nozzles that pop up and perform the cleaning process before they retract back into the floor, where they become virtually invisible.

Benefits of self-cleaning pool systems

As one of the only pool companies in Connecticut qualified to install self-cleaning pool systems, Aqua Pool is well-versed in the many benefits that these systems offer. We recommend Paramount PVR, an advanced in-floor cleaning and circulation system from Paramount. Here are a few highlights of PVR:

  • Cleaner water. The custom-designed PVR is guaranteed to clean 99% of your pool, including hard-to-reach places such as stairs, benches, and water features.
  • Efficient distribution of chemicals and heat. Typically, water circulates near the surface of the pool, allowing added chemicals—as well as heat—to quickly evaporate. In addition to wasting chemicals and heat energy, this can leave parts of the pool susceptible to algae growth due to poor circulation. Instead, self-cleaning pools circulate the water from bottom to top, ensuring that chemicals are more evenly distributed and the amounts of both chemicals and heat energy that evaporate into the atmosphere are minimized. Paramount’s PVR has been independently certified to improve efficiency so much that it can help you save up to 30% on the costs of chemicals and energy over the life of your pool.
  • Less maintenance. The main point of having a pool is to enjoy it. Since the PVR cleans your pool automatically, it will save you a significant amount of effort and free up valuable time for you to spend enjoying your pool.
  • More even temperatures. Since self-cleaning pool systems circulate heated water more thoroughly and efficiently throughout the pool, you are less likely to encounter cold spots.

With the help of a self-cleaning pool system like Paramount’s PVR, you can enjoy a clean, sparkling, and ready-to-use pool at all times—without having to spend time and energy on maintenance. To learn more, call Aqua Pool today at (860) 623-9886!