To Infinity and Beyond

At Aqua Pool, we love a beautiful backyard. There’s nothing like a picturesque oasis complete with a sparkling blue pool. One of our favorite pool designs that really packs a visual punch is the infinity pool. Otherwise referred to as zero edge, vanishing edge, or reflecting pool, this style of pool is designed in a way that blends the edge of the pool with the sky. Oftentimes situated next to a body of water like a lake or ocean, this type of pool is popular at luxury resorts and luxurious estates.

With a rich history, this design concept is noted to of begin in France at the Palace of Versailles in the early 1400s. Today, this style of pool requires specific structural detailing to create.

Key components of construction include multiple walls that come to water level, rather than above as featured on a regular pool. The walls should slope away from a pool so that water that gently overflows the wall is collected into a basin like catch pool beneath the vanishing edge. From here, water is then pumped back into the main area of your pool.

At Aqua Pool, we love this style of pool. In fact, check out our recent gallery to get a sense of several of our latest projects that make use of the big sky outdoors.