Pool designs and the corresponding materials used in pool construction have changed and advanced considerably in recent years. One area that has seen a significant increase in creativity and variety is pool decking. Gone are the days of simple broom finished decks. Today’s trends in decking cover a broad spectrum of material types and enable pool designers to incorporate even more character into their projects. Here are a few particularly interesting decking materials being used today.

Wood Decks

With all of the wear and tear that a pool deck withstands, it might seem counterintuitive to install a wooden deck. In actuality, wood is one of those material types that ages well and develops a warmth and an individual identity when exposed to the elements. Hardwoods are particularly beautiful on a pool deck in long sections but even some softwoods, like pine, can hold up well with the appropriate sealers and treatments.

Natural Stone Decks

Natural stone decking is a great way to blend the edges of your pool with the edges of nature that border it. Especially for those people living in urban settings, access to the natural world is becoming more and more limited. Natural stone decking is a great way to experience and honor it from the comfort of your own backyard.

Concrete Paver Patios

Interlocking concrete pavers are a classic choice for any pool deck. Given their modular size and shape, they can be shaped into any variety of patterns and orientations for a truly custom look. They are made with a non-skid surface, making them a safe option for families with kids and a lot of regular guests. Most importantly though, they are cost effective, easy to repair, and provide quick and seamless access to underground piping when necessary.

Concrete Decks

There are so many ways to do a concrete deck but one of the most interesting, both visually and texturally, is the exposed aggregate style. Colorful or sparkling aggregate material is added to the concrete mix and then the top layer is washed away to expose the bumpy stones and other minerals underneath the surface. It results in an effect that is both stunning to look at and comfortable to walk on.

Whatever choice you might make in regards to decking material, just remember that your opportunities for creativity do not end at the pool edge. Do something striking with your deck and make it as much of a centerpiece of the backyard as the pool itself.