Top 5 Reasons Why a Pool is Better than the Beach

If you are thinking about adding a pool to your backyard, you may wonder if taking trips to the beach would be a better way to get your aquatic fix rather than making the investment of time and money needed to build and maintain a swimming pool. Beaches are beautiful places that can serve as the source of many special memories—but if your goal is to have somewhere to swim and spend time by the water, there are countless reasons why a backyard pool is preferrable to the beach. Here are five of the top advantages of having your own pool:

  1. Pool water is cleaner than ocean water. The ocean may look pristine from a distance, but when you examine the water up close, its cleanliness is questionable. From natural debris to human-caused pollution, there are many contaminants in ocean water that could potentially make swimmers sick. With a pool, on the other hand, you can control the input of chemicals and maintain a cleaning schedule to ensure that the water is safe and sanitary at all times—not to mention the fact that after swimming in your pool, you won’t have to deal with sand in all your belongings, like you do after a trip to the beach!
  2. Pools are significantly safer than the ocean. While swimming in the ocean can be thrilling, you also face a plethora of potential dangers, such as sharks, jellyfish, and other sea creatures, unpredictable waves, and riptides that can threaten even the strongest swimmers. Backyard pools are free of these hazards, offering a relatively safe, comfortable, and completely contained place to swim. In addition, while it’s always important to keep a close eye on children whenever they are near water, having your own pool will save you the stress of having to chase your kids through a crowded beach to keep them safe.
  3. Having a pool is much more convenient than going to the beach. Visiting a beach may sound like a relaxing way to spend a day—until you have to contend with traffic, crowds, limited parking, and long lines for services like restrooms and restaurants. Furthermore, unless you live right near the ocean, you’ll probably need to pack a bag of supplies for the day and take a long drive just to get to the beach. When you have a backyard pool, you can simply walk outside anytime you’d like and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all the comforts of home are close at hand.
  4. Backyard pools are private. Nothing zaps the tranquility of time spent by the water quicker than noisy crowds of people. Fortunately, that’s never a concern when you have your own pool—your backyard becomes a private oasis where you can swim whenever and however you’d like.
  5. With a pool, you can control the water temperature. The ocean water—particularly in the Northeast—is quite chilly for most of the year, making it only possible to swim comfortably during the summer. But with a heated backyard pool, you can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of swimming year-round if you choose.

Trips to the beach offer their own array of benefits, but ultimately, they are no substitute for having your own backyard pool. If you’re thinking about taking the exciting step of building a swimming pool, call Aqua Pool today at (860) 623-9886!