Top 5 Reasons Why Owning a Pool is Better Than Owning a Beach House

Offering coastal views, a laid-back vibe, and easy access to the ocean, many people choose to purchase a beach house as a second home they can escape to for vacations and other special occasions. However, backyard swimming pools offer some of the same benefits as the beach, as well as several compelling advantages that make them a better investment. Here are the top five reasons why owning a pool is better than owning a beach house:

  1. Beach houses carry high upfront price tags and ongoing costs. Due to the popularity of the beach, oceanfront property can be very expensive—even for older homes that will need a great deal of updating. In addition to the upfront costs, homeowners’ insurance will likely be far pricier than what you’re used to paying due to the risk of damage from hurricanes and flooding (you’ll probably need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy as well). While custom, inground backyard pools can be expensive too, the costs of building and maintaining them pale in comparison to those of a beach house—and some of these costs can be balanced out by the value that a pool adds to your home over time.
  2. Beach houses require a lot of maintenance. The salty air of the ocean may have an alluring scent, but it’s highly corrosive to various elements of a home, ranging from deck railings to sliding doors and windows and even electronics. In addition to the ongoing maintenance burden, there’s also the risk of catastrophic damage from storms and flooding. Of course, swimming pools require maintenance too—but there are many simple ways to reduce the time and effort required, such as by installing a self-cleaning pool system or outsourcing maintenance tasks to professionals like Aqua Pool & Patio.
  3. Beaches attract crowds. Even if you have your own home at the beach, you will likely face crowds and traffic whenever you go out. With a backyard pool, you can enjoy swimming and lounging by the water in complete privacy and tranquility.
  4. Swimming in a pool is safer and more comfortable than the ocean. There’s no denying that beaches are beautiful, but when it comes to swimming, pools offer a far better environment. From cold water to the threat of riptides or jellyfish, sharks and other sea creatures, the ocean is full of hazards that make it inhospitable for swimmers. While pool safety should always be a priority—particularly for families with children—pools are free of additional hazards, and the water may be heated to enhance comfort.
  5. Pools are more convenient. If you have a beach house, you’ll need to pack your belongings and travel to it whenever you want to enjoy the water. With your own backyard pool, on the other hand, you simply need to step outside!

While beach homes have their own unique charms, they are major investments that also come with several downsides. With a backyard pool, you’ll be able to enjoy swimming and relaxing by the water in a comfortable, private environment whenever you’d like—with much fewer costs and maintenance requirements than a beach house. Ready to start designing the backyard pool of your dreams? Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to schedule a consultation!