Top Pool Design Trends for 2023

The beginning of a new year ushers in a new wave of trends, affecting everything from fashion to home décor to outdoor living spaces. When it comes to swimming pools, designers and contractors are already predicting the top styles and features they expect to be popular throughout the year. Here are five of the top pool design trends forecasted for 2023:

  1. Non-traditional colors. To enhance the water’s bluish hue, swimming pools were traditionally designed with white, blue, or light gray interiors. Now, many pool owners are experimenting with other colors, such as greens, browns, or beiges—which can create a more natural, calming aesthetic—or alternatively, dark gray or black for a striking, contemporary look.
  2. Naturalistic features. Many homeowners seek ways to incorporate elements of the outdoors into their living spaces. Around the pool area, this can mean a variety of features intended to give the pool a more natural look reminiscent of a lake, pond, or ocean. For instance, rocks and plants placed around the water’s edge can create a sense of tranquility while offering a beautiful way to conceal pool equipment and piping, or a sloping, beach-like entrance into the pool can provide a tropical vibe.
  3. Themed pools. Another trend that seems to be on the rise is designing pools around a particular theme, which is often inspired by a travel destination such as Bali or Tuscany. Depending on how elaborate these themes are, they may involve the entire pool patio, including furniture and landscaping.
  4. As “smart” technology and automation have added convenience to various areas of our lives and homes, it’s no surprise that they are increasingly being used in swimming pools. For example, one system that we recommend for our clients is the Jandy AquaLink, which allows you to turn on the pool lights, spa, landscape lights, and other features from any web-enabled device. Other automated options that we like are the self-cleaning systems from Paramount, which ensure that your pool stays clean at all times while improving circulation and the distribution of heat and chemicals.
  5. Multi-tier pools. Vanishing edges have been popular features in pools for several years, but recently, some homeowners have begun designing pools with multiple tiers. The water from the upper levels spills over a vanishing edge into the levels below, creating a visually striking, luxurious pool with more than one separate space for swimming. Multi-tier pools can also be a great option for yards with slopes or irregular shapes.

Whether you are thinking about building a brand-new pool or updating your current one to incorporate the latest design trends, Aqua Pool & Patio is here to help! We can design and build a custom gunite pool that suits your needs, style, and vision. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to schedule a consultation!