Top Pool Features

There’s something magical about spending a few moments by the pool. Here’s a few of our favorite features to consider when planning a new pool or upgrade with us in 2020!

Fire Features
Snuggling up around a blazing fire in the quiet outdoors epitomizes coziness. Host intimate gatherings of friends and family, sharing stories and making memories together. They can be automated and run on gas or made to burn wood. Either way, the aesthetics of adding fire to your evening is simply amazing.

Light Show
Setting your programmable lights to put on a great show is an excellent way to enjoy a night swim. A glowing and color-changing display can be a welcome close to a long day.

Hot Tub or Spa
Turning up the heat and going for a relaxing soak under the stars from the comfort of a hot tub or spa is a fun way to extend your outdoor hours. Whether taking some solo time to unwind or relaxing with a friend, hot tubbing is one of our favorite ways to make use of outdoor time.

What are your go-to swimming pool features? Aqua Pool is here to discuss any additions, new builds, or upgrades you’d like to see come summer 2020! Contact us today to start your swimming pool dream!