As a way to add intrigue and elegance to any backyard setting, a vanishing edge pool incorporates the illusionary effect of blending the boundaries of your pool with the scenic background. Otherwise known as negative or zero edge, infinity pools or disappearing edges, these pools create an impressive effect for any outdoor environment and particularly those with a natural setting as a backdrop.


Since vanishing edge pools require structural engineering based upon geological conditions specific to each property, they are more of a contemporary practice. With extensive structural, mechanical, and architectural components, these pools make it appear as if the pool’s water disappears as it cascades over the edges.

How It Works

Featuring one or more walls that come up to exactly the water level as opposed to a normal pool which features walls that come above the water level, the walls of a vanishing edge pool gradually slope away from a pool to create a serene zero edge effect. The overflow water actually falls into a basin that is beneath the edge where it is collected and pumped back through into the main pool.

Good Candidate

When considering a vanishing edge pool, there are a few items to weigh before moving forward:

-Do you have the right environment to capitalize on the special effects of a    vanishing edge pool?

-Is your property shaped correctly? (A gentle slope or small hill is the best).

-Would a vanishing edge pool match the style of your home?

Talk to one of our professional designers today about your dream vision for your back yard and we can help articulate and define the possibilities of your project before working hard to bring it to fruition.