What are the Advantages of Having a Professional Close Your Pool?

With fall on the horizon, pool season is sadly coming to an end—which means that it’s time to begin planning for the yearly pool closing process. While some homeowners attempt to close their pools on their own, there are several compelling benefits to hiring a professional. Here are a few:

  • Ensure that your pool is protected from winter weather. Closing your pool properly in the fall is far more important than opening it in the spring—particularly in a region like New England, where frigid temperatures during the winter months are common. For example, the pool’s plumbing lines will need to be completely blown out; if there is any water left in them during a freeze, it could cause expensive problems such as leaks and burst or fractured pipes. Additionally, the pool’s pumps, filter, and heater will need to be winterized in order to keep them in sound condition until spring.
  • Save time. Having a backyard pool should enrich your life and provide a source of fun and relaxation—but if you are constantly investing a great deal of time and effort into opening and closing the pool and tending to other year-round maintenance tasks, your pool could quickly become more of a burden. To help maximize the time you’re able to spend simply enjoying your pool, consider entrusting the closing process to a professional.
  • Save money in the long run. The steps involved in properly closing your pool and keeping it safe for the winter require special equipment and chemicals. When you enlist a professional, you’ll avoid having to purchase these items yourself. More importantly, however, professional skill and knowledge of the pool closing process will minimize the risk of damage to your pool, thereby helping you save money on costly repairs.
  • Pave the way for an easier opening in the spring. While bacteria and algae won’t grow as quickly during the winter months as they do in the summer, it’s still important to ensure that the water is properly treated for the winter “sleep”. Otherwise, you may open the pool in the spring to find murky, unsanitary water that needs to be thoroughly cleaned (or even drained and replaced) before it is safe for swimming.

For optimal pool heath, we strongly recommend entrusting the pool closing process to a professional. At Aqua Pool & Patio, our highly experienced and PHTA (Pool and Hot Tub Alliance)-trained maintenance professionals routinely handle pool closings, blowing out the plumbing lines, and winterizing the pool equipment. To learn more, call us today at (860) 623-9886 or visit us online. Please note that our pool closing services are in high demand, so now is the time to make arrangements!