What Exactly Does a Pool Designer Do?

As one of New England’s premier in-ground, gunite pool companies, Aqua Pool and Patio is known for our experience and expertise. We boast a variety of custom swimming pool designs, new pool installations, swimming pool renovations, pool construction and maintenance programs.

One of the questions we receive from new clients is what does a pool designer actually do? Well, we will tell you. Generally speaking, there are three types of pool and spa builders.

  1. Rudimentary
    The first category encompasses pool builders that are generally familiar with the rudimentary rules of design. Most often, these individuals lack a background in art and generate pool designs from computer templates or manufacturers prefabricated designs, and don’t often charge for their “design process.”
  2. Landscape Expert
    The next category refers to professional individuals that are educated in design but are most often not experts in swimming pool design and construction projects. These people must work alongside an experienced pool contractor to execute on any project.
  3. Educated Pool Designer
    Last, and most importantly, is a category of professionals that understand design principles and construction details. This is where the Aqua Pool experts fit in. Our pool designers will visit your property to create a stunning design while also considering safety and function.

A truly qualified designer will visit your home and take into consideration the architecture of the property to execute a stunning project. Aqua Pool experts find the best pool for your family with the most important features at the price that fits your budget. Pool design is also an education process. We feel, as the pool professionals, it is our obligation to educate the consumer about newest products, latest trends, and then advise the buyer as to what we recommend. It is a whole lot more than shape and size!

Come talk to our designers today about why we’re the right partner for your new project.