What is a Gunite Swimming Pool?

When building a new inground pool, one of the first questions you’ll consider is whether you want it to be made from vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite. Comparing the pros and cons of each type, it is clear that gunite is the best and longest-lasting type of inground pool available. Due to its durability, gunite has long been the preferred choice for hotels and other commercial pools and the finest homes around the world!

What is gunite?

Also known as dry shotcrete, the term “gunite” refers to a process by which cement is sprayed through a high-velocity hose onto a surface—in the case of swimming pools, this surface is a steel rebar skeleton that provides the structural support. The cement used is a combination of paste and materials like sand or gravel. After allowing time for the gunite to cure, the pool’s interior finish and custom perimeter tiling may be applied.

What are the advantages of a gunite pool?

Gunite pools offer several benefits that make them appealing to residential and commercial property owners alike. For example:

  • Engineered to withstand the movement of the earth throughout a variety of weather conditions—including our harsh New England winters—gunite pools tend to have the longest lifespans of any pool on the market. This means that opting for a gunite pool will save you money in the long run, as you’ll be able to enjoy your pool for years without needing to repair or replace it.
  • Easily customized to suit your needs and the style of your property. Since gunite pools are built onsite, they can be designed to accommodate the size and shape of your property and fit seamlessly with your landscape, which saves you the trouble and expense of having to remove or replant landscaping. There are essentially no limitations when it comes to gunite pools: they can be very small, irregularly shaped, large and opulent, or anything in between. In addition to choosing your preferred size and shape, you can customize your gunite pool with various colors and finishing materials, as well as add-ons ranging from waterfalls and attached spas to in-pool seating areas.
  • There is something about a gunite pool that one must see to understand. Not only is it a body of water to exercise and cool off in, it is also “yard art”. Knowing that you will spend more time around your pool (sun-bathing, eating, entertaining) the aesthetics of this water feature are crucial.

At Aqua Pool & Patio, we have been building beautiful, premium-quality gunite pools for our customers for over 50 years. From design through installation, we will work with you to create a gunite pool customized for your unique style, needs, property, and budget. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to get started!