What is a Plunge Pool?

For homeowners with small backyards and/or limited budgets, installing a backyard pool has traditionally been out of reach. However, a growing trend is enabling many more homeowners to bring their pool dreams to life: plunge pools. With a size that typically ranges from 6½ to 10 feet wide and 10 to 22 feet long, these compact pools are perfect for lounging in the water and cooling off on a hot day. While most plunge pools are rectangular, they are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes—particularly when custom-built from gunite—to suit different styles and space restrictions.

Wondering if a plunge pool would be a good addition to your yard? Here are a few of the benefits that are fueling their popularity:

  • Space efficiency. As mentioned above, one of the main reasons to install a plunge pool instead of a full-sized version is the ability to fit a pool into a small space.
  • Lower costs. Because of their compact size, plunge pools are generally less expensive to build and maintain. However, many homeowners opt to equip their pools with a variety of custom features—including jets, heaters, and water features—that may significantly drive up the cost.
  • Less maintenance. Not surprisingly, small plunge pools tend to be easier to clean and maintain than their full-sized counterparts, making them a great option for homeowners who would like to enjoy the benefits of having a pool with a minimal investment of time and effort.
  • Therapeutic benefits. While plunge pools are primarily designed for relaxation and wading, they can also be used for low-impact exercise—in fact, some homeowners choose to install resistance jets as a way to maximize the efficacy of their aquatic workouts. And even when you are simply lounging in the water, pools of all sizes are linked to a variety of health benefits, including better circulation, reduced stress, and quicker recovery times after injury.

If you would like to enjoy the many benefits of having a backyard pool but have limited space or budget to work with, a plunge pool may offer an ideal solution. At Aqua Pool & Patio, all of our custom gunite pools are hand-built onsite, allowing us to accommodate various specifications related to size, style, and other preferences. We are careful to construct plunge pools with the proper wall thickness to avoid frost issues, which can be a concern with pre-fabricated pools in cold climates. To get started, call us today at (860) 623-9886!