What is a Saltwater Pool?

Have you ever jumped into a swimming pool and been pleasantly surprised at the lack of chlorine feel and taste? That lack of chlorine presence may indicate that you are swimming in a saltwater pool. And did you know that the chlorine is still there, it’s just much softer than regular pool water.

Many individuals mistakenly think that a saltwater pool is water that feels like ocean water. This isn’t true. The salinity level in a saltwater pool is approximately 1/10th that of the ocean. If you are looking for a gentle and enjoyable swimming experience, this is it.

How It Works
Saltwater pools convert salt into chlorine through the use of a salt chlorine generator. There are two main components of this type of generator: the cell side and the control board. Pool water enters through the cell side and passes through a series of small metallic grids that emit a low voltage current. This current converts the presence of any salt in the water into tiny bubbles of chlorine. When water exits the generator and this water rife with chlorine merges with the pool water, these tiny bubbles transform into hypochlorous acid which cleans your pool WATER.

Picking Salt
High-purity salt is the best option to ensure the cleanliness of your water and the efficiency of a saltwater system. There are three main options available on the market today including, solar salt, mechanically evaporated salt and mined salt. When shopping, talk to your local professional or read the labels to ensure you are buying the correct salt meant for swimming pools.

If you are looking for silkier, more gentle water then this type of system might be for you. Give us a call at (860) 623-9886 and we will help you talk it out.