What is the Lifespan of a Gunite Pool?

If you are thinking about adding a pool to your property, one of the top concerns you may have is how long your new pool will last before needing to be repaired or replaced. While there are several variables that may impact the lifespan of your new pool, the most important is the type of material from which it is made. The most common materials for inground pools are gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl. By far, gunite pools are the most durable and longest lasting of the three. A properly designed gunite pools should last a lifetime!

To illustrate what makes a gunite pool superior to the alternatives, it’s helpful to understand how each type of pool is constructed:

  • As the least expensive type of inground pool, a vinyl liner pool is akin to an above-ground pool that has been dropped into a hole in your backyard. While they have a cement-like base and reinforced walls, vinyl liner pools are essentially large plastic bags holding all of the water in the pool. Another downside is that the shapes and sizes of vinyl liner pools are limited to what the manufacturer offers; while custom options are available, they can be quite pricey—particularly when the time comes to replace the liner in a few years. Therefore, opting for a custom vinyl pool tends to negate the main advantage of this type: a lower average cost.
  • Fiberglass pools are similar to bathtubs: they are manufactured at an off-site facility and shipped to your home intact. As with vinyl liner pools, they are limited in terms of shape, size, and add-on features.
  • Gunite pools are hand-built onsite, allowing them to be fully customized to suit any size, shape, or style. The process of building a gunite pool begins with creating a steel rebar framework, thereby providing solid structural support. The gunite mixture, which consists of raw materials like sand, cement, and gravel, is then sprayed onto the framework using a high-velocity hose. The result is a structure that has “tensile” strength, meaning that it will flex with the earth’s movements without cracking or breaking. This tensile strength is particularly important in places that have cold winters, like New England, as frigid temperatures could cause damage to other types of pools.

In addition to their durability, gunite pools have a naturally stunning appearance that makes them a beautiful addition to any property. In fact, the many advantages of gunite make it the pool of choice for countless property owners, including those of high-end homes, hotels, and resorts around the world.

At Aqua Pool & Patio, we have been designing and building custom gunite pools for more than 50 years. We will work with you to create a pool that suits your needs and style, using the highest quality materials to ensure that your new addition will last a lifetime and beyond. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to schedule a consultation!