What Shape of Pool is Best?

In decades past, most inground pools had either a rectangular or kidney shape. However, as pool design and construction have evolved over the years, the options for the shape and size of your pool are now virtually endless—particularly if you opt for a custom gunite pool.

If you’re planning to build a pool and are wondering which shape would be best, the truth is that there is no right answer. The key to achieving the best shape for your needs is to work with experienced pool designers, such as the team at Aqua Pool. However, to serve as inspiration for your upcoming project, here are a few of the most common shapes for inground pools:

  • Consisting of squares, rectangles, triangles, and other shapes that feature sharp, clean lines, geometric pools are a particularly great choice for contemporary-style homes.
  • In contrast to geometric pools, freeform pools consist of curved lines and irregular shapes. Unrestrained by the rules of geometry, these pools can take on a variety of design aesthetics and are well-suited for asymmetric spaces. Many homeowners use lighting, landscaping, and water features around their freeform pools to create an alluring lagoon-like appearance.
  • Classic rectangular. While they may not look as dramatic as freeform pools or those with non-traditional geometric shapes, classic rectangular pools are a great complement to various architectural styles. While many people choose this shape if they intend to do a lot of lap swimming, it’s important to keep in mind that pools of nearly any shape can be used for laps; length and depth are the key considerations, rather than shape.
  • Kidney and Figure 8. Traditional kidney-shaped pools remain popular because they complement homes of many different styles, with their retro look making them a particularly good fit for mid-century modern-style homes. A similar, yet slightly more contemporary, shape is a Figure 8 or hourglass-shaped pool.

When building a custom inground gunite pool, your options for the shape and overall style are limited only by space available, budget, and imagination. At Aqua Pool, our designers will guide you through the process of making your dream pool a reality, taking into account your unique vision, intended uses for your pool, the style of your property, and any limitations that may be involved. To start the process of designing your new pool, contact our team today!