When is the Right Time to Open Your In-Ground Pool?

As soon as warmer weather begins to appear on the horizon, many homeowners wonder when they should open their in-ground pools. While the optimal time for spring pool opening depends on factors like the current and upcoming weather conditions in your area and when you plan to start swimming, being strategic about when you open your pool will help you reduce costs and ensure that the water is clean, healthy, and sparkling when you’re ready to dive in.

Many people assume that the right time to open their pools is when the weather is warm enough for swimming, but there are several reasons for opening your pool earlier. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to open your pool before the daytime temperatures in your area start consistently reaching 70 degrees. Consistent temperatures are key—you don’t want to risk peeling back the pool cover before a late-season snowstorm hits, so keep an eye on the forecast or research the average monthly temperatures where you live. If you think that 70 degrees sounds too chilly to swim, consider the following reasons why such conditions are prime for pool opening:

  • Opening your pool early ensures that you will have ample time to make sure everything is operating perfectly (have the fuel fired heaters serviced, address any issues that arose over the long winter month, etc). When opening “right before” you want to use your pool, you run the risk of not having enough time to address any issues.
  • Warmer temperatures promote algae growth in covered pools. If your pool is still covered when the temperatures are exceeding 70 degrees, it is more likely that algae will grow rampantly inside the pool—which means that more extensive and costly cleaning will be required before you can swim in it. This is particularly true if you use a mesh pool cover, which allows sunlight to stream through, thereby encouraging further algae growth.
  • Pollen poses a greater threat to pools when the water is not circulating. Throughout the springtime, pollen and other debris seem to coat everything—and swimming pools are no exception. If your pool is still covered and out of use, pollen will still enter it and simply sit in the water, which will then be much more difficult to clean when you want to use it. On the other hand, when the pool is open and the water is circulating, pollen will be pulled into the filter for easy removal—thus keeping the water relatively clean.
  • Opening your pool earlier gives you more time to enjoy its beauty. Swimming pools are a major investment that, unfortunately, most homeowners are only able to use for a few months per year. Even if the water isn’t quite warm enough for swimming, opening your pool as early as possible will allow you to enjoy the beauty that it adds to your property as you spend time in your backyard.
  • We encourage those with an attached spa to open your pool as early as you want (after the ground has defrosted). Take advantage of beautiful cool days, allowing you to enjoy your backyard space earlier in the season. We can address freeze protection issues for the cold nights. Electrical costs are low and chemical costs are almost zero due to the lack of direct sun and the cool air.

By opening your pool before the daytime temperatures begin hovering around 70 degrees, you can ensure that you will have sufficient time to get the water into prime condition for swimming as soon as you’re ready to take a dip. At Aqua Pool & Patio, our trained and licensed professionals are here to help get your pool ready for summer! We will remove and clean the cover, treat the water, check the filtration and entire operating system, and perform most maintenance required to ensure that your pool is clean, safe, and beautiful for you to enjoy all season long. Due to the popularity of our pool opening services, we encourage you to give us a call at 860-623-9886 as soon as possible.