Winter is the Best Time to Plan a New Pool

There are many reasons why you should plan your future pool build during the winter season! If you are looking to take advantage of a pool this coming summer, now is the time. Here’s why:

Most individuals associate swimming with summer and don’t think about it in the interim. This means that pool building companies like Aqua Pool are available to meet with you, discuss your needs and get the ball rolling on designing your project.

Permitting offices are inundated with paperwork in the summer months and this can add significant delays to your pool build. In winter, there is a quicker approval time which means you can navigate any surprises, headaches, or red tape faster.

Last but not least, another perk of planning your pool ahead of the warm season is that you still have time to organize and plan the plant landscaping features that will compliment your poolside property and lead to a beautiful entertaining space.

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