Yes, You Can Have a Pool with a Small Backyard

Regardless of your property size, Aqua Pool’s experts can find a way! We’ve seen it all: the strange corner lot, the narrow space, the awkward shape, the overgrown garden, the sparse patch of dirt; whatever your property looks like, we have the collective creative brain power to tackle it and bring your backyard pool dreams to fruition.

If your property is on the smaller side, it is still possible for you to enjoy the many benefits of pool ownership. Limited space doesn’t have to be a restriction.

When creating the right inground gunite pool for a smaller property, here are a few things our team takes into consideration:

  • Size and Shape
    The size and shape of your pool will be determined on your objectives. Are you looking to build a pool for relaxation or exercise? Are you interested in a pool/spa combo? The shape of your final product is reliant on factors related to your property including elevation, the house structure, and size constraints of your lot.
  • Cost
    Costs of pools vary greatly based on the size and materials involved. If you are interested in incorporating water features or other outdoor environment enhancing items like an outdoor dining area, we can help by visiting your property and talking you through your best options.
  • Style
    Depending on your aesthetics, considering materials is an important step. You want your house and current landscaping to complement one another. With gunite, you have various options to add aggregate materials to enhance the visual appeal of your pool.
  • Maintenance
    By far the best benefit of owning a smaller pool is that it takes less time to heat up, uses less chemicals to maintain, and requires quicker maintenance. With less surface area to skim, wall area to scrub and floors to vacuum, a small pool is where it’s at.

Learn more about Aqua Pool’s process when it comes to a new pool’s construction.