Designing and maintaining a well landscaped area around a pool provides the setting and ambience that can make a new pool a truly special amenity. Afterall, a swimming pool is not just meant for swimming. Most pool owners use their backyard for entertaining, for relaxation, and for bonding with their families and the visual setting that good landscaping provides is central to making those activities memorable. Not any kind of landscaping is suitable for pools though so it is important to do your homework before you start planting. Here are three tips that can help you think about how to plan effectively for a lovely and pool friendly landscape.

Start Small

In the areas nearest to the edge of your pool, consider using small plants that grow close to the ground and gradually move into larger and larger shrubs or trees as you get farther away from the water. This is primarily because you want to minimize how much debris and plant litter can end up in your pool water so that you can prevent having to spend so much time skimming, vacuuming, and emptying skimmer baskets.

Pick Trees Carefully

Trees are great poolside but you need to be careful when choosing varieties to put in close contact with your pool water. You want to balance your desire for shade with trees that do not shed a ton of leaves, sap, or pollen that can damage your pool deck and potentially throw off the chemical balance of your pool water.  Look at planting native evergreens as they tend to be easy to maintain and drop less litter than other tree types.


Landscaping is a great way to put your signature touch on a new backyard pool. It’s always a good idea to discuss landscaping ideas with your pool designer at the beginning of the process though so that you are sure to include design elements that will compliment your goals. Most importantly though, have fun with it.