Connecticut Gunite Pools

Aqua Pool & Patio has been building beautiful Gunite Pools CT for our clients for 50 years. Adding a pool to your landscape area is a step forward towards a new lifestyle. Your backyard will be transformed a place where you can have a relaxing swim on a hot day, do some exercise in the water in privacy, or it can become the place to have parties and BBQ’s with family and friends. A swimming pool in Connecticut has the ability to really enrich your social life and allows you to enjoy the outdoors so much more. Gunite has been used to build pools for over 50 years.

The Gunite pool construction method is one of the primary and most popular construction techniques incorporated for designing pools in many areas in and around Connecticut.

Gunite pools by Aqua Pool are designed and built on-site using a concrete and cement mixture, which makes them some of the strongest and durable pool options. Aqua Pool’s pools are custom gunite pools. That means they can be designed in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, which makes it easy to craft a pool that will naturally fit your landscape. The customization options for gunite pools help to save homeowners the trouble of having to re-design their existing landscape to accommodate the pool.

Budgets can be a major limitation for some homeowners when designing a pool, so being able to avoid landscaping costs can put you at a major advantage.

Gunite Pools  CT Are Durable

The gunite pool construction technique is as follows:

  • With a rebar skeletal foundation and sprayed gunite mix applied over the top of this structure, gunite pools are inherently tough.
  • They have one of the longest lifespans of pool materials on the market.
  • Custom gunite pools are also engineered to combat our harsh winters, meaning these pools can withstand all that Mother Natures can send us.
  • Think of the commercial pools you’ve seen at clubs and hotels. In almost all cases, commercial pools are made from gunite because commercial builders know that gunite is the strongest and long-lasting option.

Gunite Pools CT Offer Superior Customization Options

Gunite pools allow homeowners to customize the finishing material used on the pool. There’s a variety of options for colors and finishing materials — including pebbles and glass fiber, to ensure that your swimming pool fits seamlessly with your landscape. Since the gunite pool construction method is so friendly towards custom designs, it’s easy to incorporate various types of amenities around your pool. From tanning ledges, to built-in bar stools, to underwater benches, it’s simple to get creative and make the area around the pool attractive and entertaining. Gunite pools also give you the flexibility to incorporate accompanying water installations such as waterfalls, running streams, or spas.

Ease of Installation

Gunite pools are highly durable. For our harsh New England weather – they are the absolute best material available for pool builds. In addition to their durability, gunite swimming pools are also much easier to install compared to other pool types. Of course, the quality of a gunite pool can be affected by the outdoor temperature during construction, as well as the skill and experience of the company that’s working on the project. However, once it is done using the right techniques, then you should have no problems.

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