Glastonbury CT’s top pool service company

Want to focus on enjoying your pool this year? Aqua Pool is here to help residents of Glastonbury CT and to keep their pools looking and working great.

We already service pools in Glastonbury! We’d be happy to create a customized pool service program customized for your needs.

The expert pool service technicians at Aqua Pool & Patio can provide the following pool and spa services:

  • Spring swimming pool opening
  • Fall swimming pool closing and covering
  • Pool filtration system cleaning and testing
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning
  • Vacation sitting
  • Pool chemical testing and chemical addition
  • Discounted pool chemical purchase; save up to 10% with a yearly service contract.

When you trust your pool’s maintenance to a business that has been in operation since 1970, you know you’ll be working with a team of experts.

If you would like additional information about our maintenance programs, please call us at 860-623-9886, or email our service department at

Hear from one of our pool service customers about her experience working with Aqua Pool:

The benefits of professional pool maintenance:

  1. Time – When you have a company like Aqua Pool maintain your pool, you get more time to enjoy your pool. No harried mornings vacuuming the pool before friends come over. Aqua Pool’s experts will make sure that you’re pool is looking picture perfect throughout the spring, summer and fall.
  2. Hygiene – A professionally maintained pool will be a clean pool. That means you and your visitors can always feel confident that your water is sanitized and healthy.
  3. Troubleshooting – Our service technicians will be available to help troubleshoot any issues with your pool, which are bound to pop up over time.
  4. Equipment checks – A pool is only as good as its mechanicals. Items like a pool filter and pool heater need to be regularly reviewed to keep them working as efficiently as possible. You can save money on electricity and chemicals if your mechanicals are in tip-top shape.
  5. Proper chemical balance – Professional maintenance by Aqua Pool means that you’re pool water will be checked regularly to ensure that the chemicals are balanced. When pool water is out of balance, there’s more wear and tear on your mechanicals, which can lead to costly repairs or replacements.

We’re one of the top pool service companies in Connecticut

Aqua Pool & Patio has been consistently recognized by the Northeast Pool & Spa Association (NESPA) for Outstanding Achievement for its pool service program, including in 2019 and 2020. On this page, you can see some of the plaques we’ve received to honor our service department. In this program, NESPA surveys pool service customers by asking them to rate their experience over the last year. The companies were evaluated on six categories of service: response time, service performance for repairs, employee appearance and attitude, recommendations, and overall performance.

Aqua Pool & Patio has been ranked by Pool & Spa News for its service offerings as well. In 2020, we ranked at No. 17 on this national list, the highest ranking for any pool company in Connecticut and New England. This ranking, which first began in 2018, scores each pool service company based on revenue, staff management and training, industry involvement, web presence, community contributions and customer service. 

Click here for more information to learn about how Aqua Pool has been recognized as a leader in the Connecticut and U.S. pool industry.