Everyone who is planning on a pool for next year is going to want to be first in the spring. Any reputable (and desirable) pool builder may already have their early spring schedule filled. If one of your demands is to be first on a builder’s list for spring, calling in December or January may be too late due to existing contracts with previous customers. This could put a serious delay in your pool building timeline. Reputable builders will tell you the truth: spring is difficult to predict. Uncooperative weather, such as lingering snow, can push back building time even further, putting a dent in your pool plans.

The company that tells you what you want to hear may be doing this simply to get you on their list. As a result, they may play the waiting game come spring time. If you give a deposit to a company in January and they procure the permits and perform site meetings, chances are you will not cancel even when the pool is not excavated come April. Think about it, the busy spring season comes quickly so do not wait! Reputable companies like Aqua Pool will “shoot straight” and give you realistic dates. When you go with a reputable company and they build their pools in the order in which contracts are signed, there is a good chance you will have less stress and a more timely pool.

Bring your dream pool to life this spring! Contact Aqua Pool and set your plans in motion!