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Small Inground Swimming Pools

Have limited backyard space?
You can still have the pool of your dreams

The Right Size Pool For Your Outdoor Living Space

Based on today’s trends, “bigger is better” or atleast it appears to be… SUV’s, King Sized beds, Refrigerators, meal portions, ESPECIALY airplane seats! If you like it, get MORE or make it bigger and that must be better! Right?

Not necessarily when it comes to swimming pools. A larger pool will obviously, by definition, have more space to lounge or play or swim (yes, some people actually swim laps). But also by definition, a larger pool will have more WATER which means more electricity to filter that water, more chemicals, and more work.

A “small” pool in CT or MA may actually be better, simply due to the fact that it will be less expensive to purchase, own/maintain, and a lot easier to take care of. Most likely it will be a “non-diving” pool but that just means the whole pool is what we call “usable space” (no need for treading water, anywhere).

There are NO PREDERMINED SIZES OR SHAPES with a gunite pool so go ahead and make it small! Maybe it will be a Sport Pool (the deepest part in the middle so neither of the “two volleyball teams” has any depth advantage).  Maybe it will have a “Swim Jet” for swimming against a current (swim in place). But what it won’t be is difficult to take care of.

Over the lasy 50 years of designing and building pools, we’ve seen lots of changes in trends and pool usage. One of the most common changes, is that most people want more usable space. They want to lounge, play games and not feel as though they are about to slide into Marianas trench. To that end, we are building a greater number of smaller and effcient pools with various features like spas, waterfalls and built in seats or sun lounge areas.

Except for diving and lap lanes, small pools can have all the same wonderful features as a large pool. Add a spa, 99% vacuum free cleaning system, or water feature. You’d be surprised at how big a small pool can seem when designed properly!

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Small Inground Gunite Swimming Pool Inspiration Gallery

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