Our pool was completed when we expected it to be and within the budget.

As for our experience, Aqua Pool is the only company I would want to build my pool. They are knowledgable, professional, experienced, and thorough.  Gregg Pruitt has seen it all and built it all.  They are so well organized and make the process from design to first dip, very smooth.

Jason was such a pleasure to work with and get to know.  He is honest, thorough (very thorough), detailed, creative, patient and the list goes on.  He would come to the site during construction to make sure the design was as we intended.  He would email me late at night if I had a question and needed clarification for decision making.  And his answers would be detailed, well thought out, and long (haha).  But I loved the information and knowledge.  He educated me as opposed to others who would try to appease me with quick, one line response.  I felt the entire time that he genuinely cared about how happy my family and I would be with the end result. He is a real pro.

When we first decided to build a pool, we went through every option including liner pools.  After lots of research and discussion, Aqua and Jason earned the business way ahead of anyone else.  The Pool is a long term investment.  Price is a one-time event but it can cost a lot of we choose the wrong builder or type of pool. We took in to account all factors and the company and people behind it.  The support we felt from Aqua far exceeded other options.

Each morning when I wake up and every time I see the end result out the window, I can’t help but smile.  I enjoyed every step of the process and I wouldn’t change a thing if I had to do it all over again.

I would tell everyone looking in to Pools to build with Jason and Aqua pool.  You will be very, very happy and you can be confident it’s being installed by the very best our area of the country has to offer.