All About Self Cleaning Pool Systems

Do you dream of a pool that you don’t have to clean? Well this fantasy is now reality. In recent years, advanced pool technology has brought about self-cleaning pool systems that can dramatically reduce the time spent maintaining your pool and increase the amount of time you spend relaxing poolside.

Here’s what you need to know:

In-Floor or Robotic?
A pool robot is similar to a Roomba floor vacuum. It’s a one-size-fits-all device that is in charge of sweeping debris from the floor and walls of your pool. The unfortunate thing about a robotic floor cleaner, is that it requires human oversight. You have to lug it out of storage, put it in your pool, let it run for a few hours and then remove it, dry it properly and store it until next use. In contrast, an in-floor automatic cleaning system runs from the moment it is installed, working hard to keep your pool clean and your pool ownership easy.

In-floor automatic cleaning systems can be built to your pool’s unique shape, size, and type to ensure maximum cleaning. Through a series of nozzles, fixed and rotating floor heads and drains, your pool’s floor, bench area and steps are cleaned. Aqua Pool & Patio Inc. is the only distributor of Paramount PV-R self-cleaning systems in Connecticut. We’ve been installed Paramount systems for more than 35 years and we believe PV-R is the best product on the market, from the leading manufacturer, Paramount Pool & Spa Products.

Clean Circulation
Another key component of an automatic in-floor cleaning system is that they offer enhanced water circulation from your pool floor up. This means that any chemicals added to your pool’s water are circulated evenly, preventing the build up of chemicals on your pool floor.

Getting Ahead
If you are interested in a self-cleaning pool system, our team can talk to you more in depth about the benefits. From cost savings to less maintenance tasks to perform, there’s many reasons why these high-tech systems can make pool ownership a breeze.