How Long for a Gunite Pool Installation?

While each pool build is unique, a general timeline to expect when awaiting the installation of a gunite pool is broken out below.

The gunite process involves using a porous concrete mixture that is contraction tolerant and prone to less cracking or sinking, allowing for an environmentally hardy pool. At Aqua Pool and Patio, we are experts at building custom swimming pools. When you work with our stellar team, this is what you can expect.

Design Construction and Proposal
The length of this phase is dependent upon the vision for the project.  It is required, of course, that we perform an onsite consultation to survey the property and refine guidelines for the pool design. Our team is fully dedicated to crafting a stunning design while also considering safety and functionality.

Permitting and Process
Each town is different and permiting can be a “breeze” or a “struggle”. Consult with our designers to determine the proper course of action when it comes to the process of getting town approvals. We will prepare and provide all the required documentation to get the project up and running as well as a “permit package” for project approval. All documentation is CAD drawn with all plans approved and stamped by licensed, professional engineers, insuring the smoothest and quickest path towards approvals. Once approved, it is time to bring in the equipment to perform the digging!

Rebar, Plumbing, Equipment
After your pool is excavated, rebar is laid to create the skeletal frame upon which everything else is built. This is also the phase where plumbing is set up in addition to pool equipment pipes.

Tile and Coping
Now that the dirty work is done, the next move is to install tiles and other masonry materials. At this stage, your backyard vision will start to come into focus. It’s also when the drama, color, and personality of your pool appear.

Plaster and Startup
Gunite application takes time to completely cure. Once it’s dried however, the pool interior finish will be applied and it can start to be filled. Balancing chemicals are added to the water and the Start Up crews will be there to teach you how to use the pool (we call that “Pool School”). The staff will be there to ensure everything is in perfect working condition.

While the above timeline is flexible, the length of time for a complete pool build usually falls within six to eight weeks (sometimes less). To get started on your new pool project, get in touch with our team today.