How to Rid Your Pool of Algae

Algae can get into your pool water in a variety of ways, either through rain runoff, traveling spores or a patch of slime growing on a pool float. Regardless of how it is introduced, you’ll need to tackle the problem swiftly. Algae blooms are notoriously stubborn and can feed bacteria in your pool water.

If you notice a slight discoloration (brown, green, or yellow residue) around your pool’s jets and skimmers, then it’s time to take action.

Types of Algae
It can be difficult to decipher the color of your pool’s algae but here are the most common types:

  • Green
    The most common and oftentimes the easiest type of algae found in a pool is green algae. It’s attributed to poor filtration or lack of proper sanitation and manifests itself in a slimy, green algae that floats on top of the water and attaches itself to the floor and walls of your pool.
  • Yellow
    Yellow algae is also called mustard algae and it’s a chlorine-resistant variety that looks like pollen or sand gathering in the corners of your pool.
  • Black
    If you have black patches, chances are that it actually isn’t an algae, but a type of bacteria that grows quickly.

Removing Algae
Regardless of the type of algae you have, the cleanup process is relatively the same. The best method for clearing up your water includes these steps:

  • Manually vacuum
    Since robotic or automatic pool cleaners are hooked into your pool system, you’ll need to opt for a manual vacuum that bypasses the filter and prevents the recirculation of algae-ridden water. If not, make sure to clean, backwash, or replace filter elements right after you vacuum up the dead algae.
  • Brush
    Elbow grease is important when it comes to scouring walls. We love a stiffer pool brush to help tend all of the corner areas where algae hides.
  • Test and Balance
    Lastly, you’ll need to check your pool’s alkalinity and pH to balance chemistry. You may need to additionally shock your pool water and be sure to replace sanitizer to keep algae from returning.

Need some assistance? Aqua Pool & Patio’s cleaning professionals are here to help! Our swimming pool maintenance programs can be customized to offer as much – or as little – assistance as is needed. All of our maintenance professionals are APSP trained and our senior technicians are all licensed by the state of Connecticut.

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