Key Parts of Your Pool

To put it simply, a swimming pool is a large structure that holds water. However, the underlying materials can vary greatly. When it comes to materials, the possibilities are endless.

Most pools are constructed using items like vinyl, tile, plaster and fiberglass. At Aqua Pool, we specialize in inground gunite pools. The underlying anatomy of an inground pool includes the following:

Main Drains
Water is circulated through the main drain. Most often located at the bottom of a pool’s deep end, the drain pulls water from the bottom of the pool to promote circulation and reduce dirt and debris.

Return Inlets
Return Inlets return water to your pool after it’s been through the filtration system. It’s best practice to angle any return jets in varying directions in order to encourage good circulation and avoid any dead zones that can accumulate matter or breed bacteria.

Skimmers are small, built in parts that are responsible for housing the skimmer baskets. These necessary components bring in water from your pool and shepherd it through the filter system. Inside you can typically find a small plastic basket that deters debris from entering your pool pump.