Off Season Pool Care

This time of year has us longing for sunshine! As we wait for swim season, it’s important to take care of your pool. Here are critical off season pool care tips to ensure a healthy pool come summer.

Check Equipment Pad
It’s a good idea to check your equipment’s pad and pipes for signs of wear and tear. This will allow you to get resources lined up to address any damage promptly.

Clean Your Pool Cover
Keeping your pool cover clean is a great way to reduce the chances of excess dirt and debris making its way into your waters.

Adding Chlorine
In addition to an algaecide, your pool also requires chlorine. You want to be careful not to add too much! Once spring hits, open a corner of your pool cover and add approximately 1-2 gallons of liquid chlorine to tackle any residual or building issues.

Keep Water Levels Low
When the pool was winterized, the water level was lowered. Snow melt and rain can add water, meaning that your pool may need to be drained back to a lower level in order to help protect the tile and skimmers. Also, clean out the skimmers and add more antifreeze as needed.

Protect Your Water
Cold environments present challenges for pool owners like lack of circulation, degradation of chlorine, and freezing ground temperatures that can cause properties to shift. If you need help ensuring that your pool thrives regardless of conditions, reach out to our team.

The best way to ensure a great swim season is to hire the professional to open your pool for Spring! Learn more about our pool opening service. But hurry, appointments fill up fast!