Pool Chemical Prices are Soaring—Now is the Time to Stock Up!

The events of the past year have dramatically impacted numerous industries in a variety of unforeseen ways—and the pool industry is no exception. Due to several different factors both caused by the pandemic and unrelated to it, the costs of pool chemicals have been climbing rapidly in the past few months, and are expected to continue skyrocketing throughout 2021. For residential and commercial pool owners alike, it’s important to be aware of this trend and act swiftly to stock up on supplies.

There are many causes underlying the increase in pool chemical prices. For example:

  • Soaring demand. As lockdowns forced people to spend an unprecedented amount of time at home last year, many homeowners looked for ways to make their living spaces more enjoyable. A common solution was to install a pool and/or spa, or increase usage of an existing one. As a result, demand for backyard pools has never been higher. As more and more pools have been built, renovated, or used, manufacturers have scrambled to keep pace with the subsequent rising demand for pool chemicals.
  • Manufacturing and shipping delays related to COVID-19. In the early days of the pandemic, businesses worldwide—including many manufacturers—were suspended from conducting activities that were considered “non-essential.” As businesses have slowly resumed normal operations, they’ve been dealing with a plethora of backorders that are causing delays in the production and delivery of various products, including pool chemicals. In addition, safety measures such as social distancing requirements and the need for employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) continue to fuel delays and rising costs.
  • Alternate uses for chlorine. Chlorine is often used in hand sanitizers and other disinfectants—and as demand for these products has surged, chlorine shortages have intensified. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, so chlorine prices will likely remain high and supply low.
  • BioLab plant fire. On top of all the other powerful forces driving a shortage of pool chemicals over the past several months, one of the largest chlorine manufacturing plants in North America was destroyed in a fire following Hurricane Laura in August 2020. The BioLab plant near Lake Charles, Louisiana was responsible for an estimated one-third of the trichlor (chlorine) production in the U.S. At a time when manufacturers were already coping with production delays and skyrocketing demand for pool chemicals, the shortage caused by the loss of the BioLab plant will continue to drive prices even higher for the foreseeable future.

If you own a pool or are planning to build one, now is the time to contact Aqua Pool and stock up on chemicals in order to avoid encountering shortages or higher prices in the future! We can also help by converting your chlorine pool to a saltwater pool. Since saltwater pools use a system that transforms salt into chlorine, you won’t need to buy chlorine tablets to add to the water. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to learn more!