Follow This Pool Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Pool in Prime Condition

When maintained properly, inground swimming pools can deliver many years of enjoyment as they enhance the beauty of your property and provide a place for fun and relaxation with loved ones. While the process of maintaining your pool may seem daunting, staying on top of some routine tasks can prevent significant problems and keep your pool in a clean and sanitary condition. At Aqua Pool & Patio, we’ve compiled the following pool maintenance checklist to help guide you:

Daily Pool Maintenance Tasks

During swimming season in particular, there are some tasks that should be done on a daily basis. These include:

  • Removing debris. Skim the surface of the pool to remove leaves, insects, and other debris, which will help prevent algae growth and staining on the pool floor. Additionally, empty the skimmer baskets to ensure optimal circulation. Periodically check to insure that the skimmer wire door is still in place. This simple device can be found in the “mouth” of the skimmer. It makes a significant different when it is in and operating correctly.
  • Empty the skimmer. Empty skimmer baskets regularly. The quicker you remove debris off the surface of the water, the less likely the skimmer will become waterlogged and sink to the floor of the pool.
  • Checking the water level. If the water in your pool is too high—which may occur if you’ve been experiencing heavy rain—the skimmer may stop working properly. If it gets too low, which may happen during hot and dry periods, the skimmer will start sucking in air, also causing it to malfunction. Therefore, monitoring the water level to make sure it’s around halfway up the skimmer, and adding or removing water as needed, are important routine maintenance tasks.

Weekly Tasks

Pool maintenance tasks that should be done on at least a weekly basis (or more frequently during times of heavy use) include:

  • Balancing the water chemistry. Using a reliable testing kit, perform a comprehensive water chemistry test to ensure that pH is between 7.2 and 7.8, total alkalinity is 80-120 ppm, calcium hardness is 180-220 ppm, and chlorine is around 2-4 ppm. Keeping these levels within range will help prevent issues such as algae growth and skin irritation. At Aqua Pool & Patio, we are pleased to offer free water testing—just bring a sample to our East Windsor, CT location!
  • Vacuuming and brushing the surfaces. Vacuum the walls and floor of the pool to remove dirt and debris, and use a brush to scrub away algae and clean harder-to-reach spots, such as steps, ladders, and crevices. Brushing a pool on a regular basis keeps the interior finish smoother, helps reduce algae growth, and helps distribute chemicals.
  • Checking the filters, pump, and motor. It’s important to regularly check your pool’s key components and systems to ensure they are functioning properly. Look for any signs of damage, unusual noises, overheating, or other indications that repairs might be needed.

Less Frequent or Seasonal Pool Maintenance Tasks

In addition to daily and weekly tasks, be sure to perform the following periodically:

  • Check the integrity of pool surfaces. Small cracks in the surface of your inground pool may worsen over time, potentially leading to serious leaks and costly repairs. Therefore, if you notice any cracks or other issues beginning to form, consult a pool professional to make needed repairs as soon as possible.
  • Stay on top of seasonal maintenance. Properly preparing your pool to be opened in the spring and closed in the fall are crucial annual processes—particularly when it comes to winterization. For example, when swimming season comes to an end, it’s important to thoroughly clean the pool, balance the water chemistry, blow out the plumbing lines, and cover the pool in order to prevent damage and ensure a smooth opening in the spring.
  • Computerized water analysis. This should be done a few weeks after the pool is opened and a few weeks before the pool is closed for the winter. Also try and have it done once a month within the pool season. Balanced water saves on chemical costs and will make the water easier to take care of and provide more pleasant swim experiences.

At Aqua Pool & Patio, our team of APSP-trained and licensed maintenance professionals are available to keep your pool in prime condition year-round. We offer maintenance plans customized to your needs, whether you’d prefer to arrange weekly, monthly, or bimonthly visits, or you’d simply like assistance with pool openings and closings or other sizable tasks. Visit or call us today at (860) 623-9886 to learn more!