Spring Pool Prep

If you have not done so already, it is now time to begin opening your pool. Here are some basic steps to follow to make sure you start your swimming season off without a hitch.

Pool Covers

If you use a pool cover during the offseason, the first critical step is getting it off of your pool safely and in such a way that preps it for storage until the fall. Start out by first draining any water from the surface of the cover (if it is solid) using a small submersible pump. Once you have removed as much water as you can, using help, pull the cover off of the pool and get it to an open and sunny area where it can be cleaned and dried. Using a mild detergent and water, clean any debris or dirt off of the cover and let it air out in the sun. Treat with some kind of drying agent like talcum powder before carefully rolling the cover and putting it away for storage. Remember to store it somewhere away from the elements and do not put it away if there is even a little bit of moisture remaining on it.

Water and Equipment

Now it is time to add a little water back to the pool if need be and reconnect all of your equipment. Using your garden hose, add enough water back to the pool to return its level to middle of the skimmer opening. Water could have been lost from the pool during the closed months for a number of reasons, evaporation being the most significant. Check all equipment for damage and proper installation. That includes your filter, your pump, and any other equipment like heaters.

Turn it On and Water Test

Now it is time to turn all of the equipment on and check it for proper functioning. The pool should be clear of debris if a cover was used so you will be able to quickly see if your pump and filter are working correctly. This is also a good time to take a baseline test of your water chemistry, either using a home testing kit or by taking a sample to a nearby pool supply store. Do this before shocking the water or adding any other chemicals so that you know exactly what the water needs.

Once these three steps are completed, shock the water, add any other balancing treatment, and wait a day for the chemicals to stabilize before getting in for a swim. It’s pool season now so enjoy!!