If you want sparkling blue waters that look inviting to friends and family, encouraging them to jump in all season long, then it’s integral you take the right steps to provide proper care for your pool waters. Most often, one of the biggest mistakes we see people make is not taking regular care of their pool. The three most basic tenets of a good maintenance routine are:

Regular cleaning sessions to remove dirt and debris that makes its way into your waters is the first step in attaining that crystal clear, swimmable quality. We aren’t saying that every time a single leaf blows into your pool, it’s time to blow the whistle and get the skimmer but making a positive habit of routinely checking skimmer baskets, cleaning filters (especially after big storms or lots of wind) can set you on the right path. Shoot for vacuuming, brushing, and cleaning your pool filter each week if you can.

One of the least expensive ad most effective sanitizers on the market, chlorine, can work wonders if applied appropriately to your waters. With capabilities to sanitize, oxidize, and perform as an algaecide, chlorine is your secret weapon to attaining and keeping the perfect pool. NOTE that when chlorine is a “problem”, it is usually the operator and NOT the chlorine that is the problem. When used properly, chlorine is NOT annoying, foul smelling, or the cause of burning eyes! Many people blame chlorine, by itself, when they experience a pool that smells bad or causes their eyes to burn right away. Those problems are NOT caused by the chlorine but rather poor use of chlorine.

Last but not least, consistency is the third critical component. Similar to a pet, your pool needs attention and upkeep from you. This attention and time invested each week is minimal but if left on its own, your pool problems will rapidly multiply resulting in hassle, headache, and expense. Set a calendar or write our your routine to help you stick to the schedule and you’ll rest easy knowing that your pool looks and feels good. Plus, if something does start to go awry, you can get a jump on the problem saving you from future pool woes.  This is the only way to keep you, your family and friends in the water, enjoying a splashing good time.

At Aqua Pool, we provide a host of services for world-class pools so you can achieve your backyard dreams. Let us know how we can help you stay consistent!