Understanding the Costs of a Pool

The answer to the question of how much a pool will cost is hard to answer straight away. The reason for this is that there are many variables that impact expenses. Each and every pool is special and unique to the property and location that it exists in.

At Aqua Pool, we have been providing swimming pool design, installation, renovation, and construction services to communities in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts continuously since 1970. With much experience under our belts, the top factors that influence pool cost include:

The total cost of any pool installation increases greatly with the size of the pool. This is in part due to materials needed in construction but also for additional work on site including excavation and soil removal.

Most soil allows for a straight forward installation. But there are certain instances where a property has a high water table, reactive soil, or extremely rocky dirt. When talking about any pool construction project, be sure to share with the team your property’s soil conditions.

Pool Features
And now for the fun part, the details of your actual pool! There’s a huge range of options in features from your type of pool to preferred operating system. Add-on features like waterfalls, pool/spa combos, lighting systems and more are what make your pool your very own.