Vacation Tips for Pool Owners

So you are hitting the road, hopping a plane, taking off for a vacation and you want to know what to do with your pool while you are way. First of all, this is an important issue. An unattended pool runs a high risk of an algae bloom. Depending on the time of year, here’s what you need to do to ensure the proper care of your investment while you are away:

Before You Go

Before you leave, be sure to check the water level of your pool. It is imperative that the water level is at it’s necessarily level to ensure that your filter operates properly in your absence. It is a safe practice to add a little extra water to your pool!

Additionally, you will want to check and adjust your pH, shock you water and load up on the appropriate amount of chlorine before you leave. You can also add a dose of algaecide and clean the filter, pump, and skimmer baskets.

Neighbors, Friends, and Professionals
Next, set your pool timers or ask a neighbor or friend to come by and check on your pool (to essentially pool-sit). They should check that the water level stays up, the filter pressure is good and look for any other equipment problems.

If you are gone for more than a few days, consider hiring the help of a professional like Aqua Pool to set up a schedule with a  qualified technician to watch your pool, add chemicals as required, and keep your pool clean so once you return, you can safely enjoy swimming in your own backyard.

Get in touch to speak with a manager to learn more about our Vacation Babysitting practices and rest assured that while you are away, we provide the right care for your investment.