Water Levels Running Low? It May Be Evaporation!

Is your pool losing water? It is probably not a leak. The warm water paired with a cold night may be causing your pool’s water to evaporate!

It’s that time of year again, warm days and cool nights are upon us. With that being said, your pool is going to show greater evaporation than normal, especially if you are heating your pool! Some have thought “all of a sudden I have a leak”, but it’s almost always attributed to the warm water and cold air/nights. Evaporation can actually be SEEN in the A.M. in the form of steam coming off the pool’s surface.

If you notice your adding more water than usual, that is most likely because of the constant change in weather and temperature fluctuating in the pool. Please remember to add water to your pool as needed to keep the pool running and filtering properly.

If you are looking for additional guidance on this issue, please contact Aqua Pool at (860) 623-9886!