What to Do If Your Pool Cover Fails During Winter

Winter pool cover issues happen. Whether a strong wind tears a cover, a leak occurs causing it to fall into your pool, heavy snow, rain or ice cause a rip or dismantle straps, we’ve seen it all. Even a tree falling on top of a pool!

The good news is, it is a situation that can be fixed regardless of the cause.

Here’s what to do:

First, if possible, grab the edge of your pool cover and pull it back across the deck area. You’ll then want to weigh the edges down with water bags. Note that you should try and avoid weighing down the edges of your cover with anything that can be pulled into the pool including nearby planters or bricks.

Next, using a cover pump or a submersible pump to siphon off any extra water from the top of what’s left on your pool cover.

Then move to a debris removal phase. Using skimmer nets, a pool brush, or vacuum, you should try and remove any dirt or debris that has made its way into your pool water. Once the water is removed from the cover, put it back into place and reinforce any holes or tears to prevent future issues during the season.

NOTE: If your pool is completely iced over, or covered in snow, there is little to be done. Assuming the pool was winterized correctly, a “failed” pool cover is only allowing debris into the pool which can be resolved later. Ice and snow are not too concerning. Never, even with a safety cover, attempt to walk onto the pool in order to remove a failing cover. Again, if it is covered in ice, leave it be until it melts enough for further action such as pumping or repairing.

You can also e-mail us images and we can advise as to what we believe is the best course of action over the winter. Email us at info@aquapool.com.