Why Fall is the Best Time to Start Building a Pool

As the days start getting cooler and shorter, the annual swimming season is coming to an end. However, if you are thinking of taking the exciting step of building a backyard pool, now may be the perfect time to start the process. While it may seem counterintuitive, here are a few reasons why we believe fall is actually the best season to begin building a pool:

  • Starting the pool construction process in the fall increases the likelihood that you’ll be swimming by May. At Aqua Pool, we offer a process called a split-build, which means that we can dig and prep the area where your pool will be in the fall—before the ground freezes—and complete construction in early spring. Therefore, your new pool will be ready to enjoy by the time swimming season arrives!
  • Fall weather is generally suitable for building a pool. In the Northeast, the freezing temperatures of winter are among the biggest obstacles to pool construction—but spring rain and summer storms can also present challenges. Fall weather, on the other hand, tends to be mild and dryer, so the risk of weather-related delays should be minimal.
  • Pool construction companies are generally less busy during the fall. While spring shares the same mild weather conditions as fall, it’s also the time of year when most people start deciding that they want a pool in time for swimming season. Therefore, pool builders tend to find their schedules filling up during spring and into the summer months—which can translate to a lengthier construction process. By getting a head start on your pool during the fall, we will be able to finish it as quickly as possible once freezing temperatures are behind us in the spring.
  • Fall is a great time to plant and prep for the landscaping that will surround your new pool. When adding a pool to your backyard, it’s also crucial to consider your landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Once the pool construction process has begun, you will have a few months before it is completed to design your backyard oasis and plant trees, shrubs, grass, and even certain types of flowers.

While it’s always a great time to start building the backyard pool of your dreams, the autumn months offer several unique advantages. Contact the pool design and construction experts at Aqua Pool today to learn more!