Why Painting Your Gunite Pool is a Bad Idea

As the most durable type of inground pool, gunite pools are built to last a lifetime and beyond. However, there may come a time when you want to upgrade the surface of your pool, either to repair wear and tear or simply to enjoy a new look. While there are plenty of DIY guides online that may lead you to believe that painting your pool is a relatively easy, inexpensive way to update its appearance, it’s not the best solution in the long run if you have a gunite pool.

Paint may carry a low upfront cost, but it will not last for long on a gunite surface before it begins to flake off. This will create an unsightly appearance and contaminate your pool water, increasing your maintenance burden and making the pool less healthy for swimmers. Even epoxy paint, the highest quality type of pool paint, is only estimated to last for up to eight years at the most (and realistically you will be lucky to get 5 years); acrylic paints have far shorter lifespans. Once the coating begins to deteriorate, you generally cannot repaint over it and will need to consider alternative options for upgrading your pool’s interior.

Fortunately, there are better solutions for improving the surface of your gunite pool that will allow you to avoid the frustrating cycle caused by trying to paint it. At Aqua Pool & Patio, we offer pool renovation services that range from simple facelifts to total transformations. Regardless of your pool’s current state, our design experts will work with you to identify which upgrades could be made in order to give it a beautiful, updated aesthetic. For example, we can install modern LED lighting, pool automation at the touch of your phone, a stylish new interior finish, and other custom features. We commonly install high-quality finishes such as Diamond Brite, a type of quartz aggregate blend, and Pebble Tec, a pebble aggregate that has a natural appearance. These finishes are available in a wide range of colors—but unlike simple paints, they are highly durable and will deliver years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

If your gunite pool is in need of updating, consider solutions that will yield a strong return on investment over the long term. Visit us online to learn more about our pool renovation services, or call us at (860) 623-9886 to schedule a free consultation!