Why Gunite is the Best Material for an Inground Pool

Gunite pools are highly durable. For our harsh New England weather – they are the absolute best material available for pool builds. Not to mention, gunite supports a range of pool features and shapes. Here are a few reasons why our team at Aqua Pool & Patio loves working with this material:

Gunite is a versatile material that can withstand the addition of aggregates and coloring to differentiate your own personal style. From quartz to pebbles, whatever type of aesthetic vibe you are after, we can help create it.

Design and Shape that Suits Property
Custom gunite pools can be crafted in any shape or size. Depending on your property, this means that you don’t have to redesign your backyard unless you want to. Your gunite pool can be built to fit into your existing landscaping.

Built to Last
With a rebar skeletal foundation and sprayed gunite mix applied over the top of this structure, gunite pools are inherently tough. They have one of the longest lifespans of pool materials on the market. Guinite pools are also engineered to combat our harsh winters, meaning these pools can withstand all that Mother Natures can send us. Think of the commercial pools you’ve seen a clubs and hotels. In almost all cases, commercial pools are made from gunite because commercial builders know that gunite is the strongest and long-lasting option.

Good Construction
As mentioned above, gunite pools feature a rebar framework that’s then sprayed with concrete mixture. This process is relatively fast with a short curing time, meaning that your pool project can be completed on time and on budget with the end result being a product that’s built to last.

Flexibility to Add Amenities
Since the construction method is friendly to customization, gunite pools are favorable to add-on amenities. We build pools with a wide variety of water features including underwater benches, swim up bars, tanning ledges, spas and waterfalls.

We believe deeply in the impressive durability of gunite. Get in touch with our team today to talk about how we can transform your backyard space. Hurry though, our books are filling up.