Working at Aqua Pool Video Transcript

Below is a transcript of the video, “Working at Aqua Pool.”

Mike Giannamore, owner, Aqua Pool: We have positions available in the service department, in the construction department. We have office jobs frequently available. We have pool designer jobs available. The industry is growing, nationwide, worldwide…

Everton Nelson: I started on the plumbing crew at first. I did four years of that and then I moved over to the excavation crew, which I’m on right now. I have a Class A CDL and I have some hydraulic training.

Chris Mount: It’s my second season at Aqua. I’m a laborer. That’s all I’ve really done my entire life is labor jobs, but I like working at Aqua. I like working, like I said, out in the elements and in the dirt.

Tracey Palazzo: I’m the construction coordinator here at Aqua Pool. I’ve been here for a total of 16 years. I actually stated out as the receptionist up front and helped out with the sales staff and I then transferred over to construction. I enjoy helping out the customers. It’s exciting to see someone’s vision actually come to fruition.

David Schillinger: I started to work at Aqua Pool in 1996. I am a senior tech. I do a lot of new pool start-ups and I teach customers and I teach new technicians… Being outside all the time, you’re not stuck behind a desk, you have lots of time off in the wintertime. I like to ski and I like to spend time with my family during the holidays.

Debbie Callender: I’ve worked for Aqua Pool for 25 years. I started off in the water test department in store and I am now the service manager and vice president of the service department. I like the people. I like the people that I work with. We have a really nice staff of people and we have a really nice staff of men that work for us out in the field. That makes you want to come to work when you have nice people that you can work with.

Mike Giannamore: We’re happy to hire people with absolutely no experience. We’re also happy to take people from other fields of construction who have never built a swimming pool, never serviced a swimming pool… You’re free all day long. You’re on a job site with a few other like-minded individuals and you’re getting the job done and you’re doing good work. We demand good work. We build a very good swimming pool. We’ve won every award possible because we build good swimming pools. We do demand that people pay attention to quality and we work hard.

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